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Love for cooking!!!.......... It all began when a Delhi-based kid, Mamta Gahlaut was in 6th Grade, and her curiosity made her cook Aloo Ki Subzi though it was a gastronomical disaster... But the small girl did not stop there; her curiosity turned out to be her passion as she grew up, which is the result of today’s CRAVOURY.

Initially, her cooking journey began when she started supplying delicious and healthy North Indian cuisine through an app called Eatlo around nine years back. Like any success story, the journey was not so easy, and there was even a time when she decided to give up and halted for a few months spending time with family…. Well, you know it is never easy to give up your passion, and it was the same with Mamta... After a long break, in 2014 insisted by a friend, she joined a Baking institute in the IT capital, Bengaluru, although baking was not her cup of tea. The second phase of her culinary journey begins here!

She started by learning the basic lesson of baking; however, she was not satisfied with the ingredients they were using. For the sake of her friend, she did complete the baking course. After a few days, she started to implement what she had learned with healthier ingredients. She replaced sugar with organic jaggery and maida with whole wheat flour, but trash bins became lucky enough to taste the cakes. But as they say, TRY TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED, her efforts did not stop there. She started experimenting and treated her friends and family, on one good day she received compliments for the delectable recipe, which became her motivational factor.

Then her baking recipes reached far and wide, and she started getting orders from commercials like Food World, Health and Glow, and many others. She got tied up with Big Basket, India’s leading online grocery giant, in 2016. This became the stepping stone for success. Her wholesome recipe for tea-time cakes gained demand in the market. As she continued to sail, she started experimenting with chocolates, and that became a huge hit. She got bulk orders for chocolates and tea time cakes from Nature’s Basket and received a good response from this online site as well.

The huge orders and high demand in the market influenced her to establish a café. Accordingly, a sit-down café with a cozy and cute interior was opened in Kormangala. The community people started liking her cakes, apple pies, tea-time cakes, and chocolates. Unfortunately, due to the poor atmosphere of the location, she had to switch her baking grounds to Sarjapur. But one good thing about this café is, she started to understand the mindset of customers and what actually satisfies them. This took a diversion to set up a cloud kitchen in 2019 in a different location on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru. She tied up with online food-delivering partners like Swiggy and Zomato to serve the customers on time. Teatime cakes and chocolates continued to have demand on Fresh-To-Home and Milk Basket eCommerce sites, and remains the same even to this day.

The health of the customers being the top priority, she experimented and played with recipes. The result is those delicious tea-time cakes that you can enjoy today are wheat-based; similarly, she implemented the same for cream cakes. Mamta is always open for feedback and happy to serve customers, she keeps an option open where customers can choose either maida-based or wheat-based. Guys! It is all about your preferences for cream cakes but be informed that all are eggless, but you get it in a variety of flavors. But she always educates her customers to choose wheat-based, as wheat is a healthier option. Remember ‘Health is Wealth’! Chocolate Truffle, Death-By-Chocolate, and all chocolate-based cream-cakes are the bestselling ones and must-try products from the Baking house of CRAVOURY.

As her baking story moved towards the success path, one fortunate day she was approached by Amazon food representatives, the reason being is that her tea-time cakes have now become an all-time favorite for customers. She got many bulk orders from different companies for cakes and chocolates, and even today she cherishes that moment and feels proud of that, which is a MILESTONE, of course.

When asked, who are your inspirers? She answers her customers; the reason being, most of the products and the cakes she has introduced are because of loyal customers, who always want her to try new and healthy things. Today, when scrolling down the menu you will realize most of the cakes are nutritious, but that does not mean you are compromising on the taste, they are delicious and wholesome at the same time.

After many ups and downs in the business, in 2021 she decided to put all her products that include Cream cakes sold under the name Cake Town Café, home-made chocolates branded Tree of Life, and B-Healthy tea-time cakes, as most of the Bangaloreans are aware of, under one brand CRAVOURY, undoubtedly the name itself makes you feel yum!!

Two years down the lane, Mamta wants her kitchen to be set up in multiple locations in the Silicon city of Bengaluru. She wishes people from different corners of the city to rejoice in her recipes and just not be restricted to one place, so planning to set up franchises too. Speaking about the menu, she says there is much to explore and experiment with cakes, mainly with vegetables, as the well-being of the customers is always a priority for her, no matter what! As of now, the menu under the tangy side remains empty, but she is already on her way experimenting with savories, an accompaniment for tea-time cakes. Well, then customers, be ready to relish those appetizing evening time snacks ……...........…………………………………………………………..The third phase has just begun!

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