100% eggless

Pastry Flavour: Chocolate

Type of pastry: chocolate

Type of Bread: chocolate

Type of cream: chocolate mousse cream

Preparation Time: 1 hour

Toppings: chocolate mousse cream

Layers Filling: Chocolate mousse Cream


Dive into the delicious flavor of Chocolate mousse pastry covered with chocolate shavings and cherries for a long-lasting pleasure on your taste receptors. This Choco-flavored pastry is a delightful combination of chocolate mousse cream and chocolate sponge. Yummy! Purchase this dessert for all of your special events and take a journey into the creamy and silky chocolate realm! If you're searching for a healthy option, then this is the right choice for you as it is made from a whole wheat foundation. Order pastries online from Cravoury and treat your tummy healthy.



Chocolate mousse cream milk products, olive/ rice bran oil, sugar, wheat flour, leavening agents


Allergen Information:

Contains gluten and milk products


Storage Information:

Pastries can be consumed for a maximum of three days when stored in the refrigerator.


Delivery Details:

Pastries are packed under hygienic conditions. We offer a doorstep delivery service.




Birthdays, anniversaries, children’s days, bachelorette parties


Cake Tags:

Pastries, Whole wheat pastries, Eggless pastries, Choco Mousse pastry, Birthday pastry, Anniversary pastry, Chocolate pastry.

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