100% eggless

Quantity : 1

Pastry Flavour: Chocolate

Type of pastry: chocolate

Type of Bread: chocolate 

Type of cream: chocolate mousse cream

Preparation Time: 1 hour

Toppings: chocolate mousse cream with chocolate spray on top

Layers Filling: Chocolate mousse Cream


Everyone who likes chocolate is invited! The ultimate chocolate pastry is now available! This chocolate lite treat, made with fluffy and silky chocolate mousse, will have you hooked from the first bite! Our sponges are completely preservative-free and freshly prepared to provide the finest possible flavor! Order this chocolate lite pastry with a whole wheat foundation to stay on track with your health goals while still treating your taste senses! For more eggless pastries scan our products page.



Chocolate mousse cream milk products, olive/ rice bran oil, sugar, wheat flour, leavening agents


Allergen Information:

Contains gluten, and milk products


Storage Information:

Pastries can be consumed for a maximum of three days when stored in the refrigerator. 


Delivery Details:

Pastries are packed under hygienic conditions. We offer a doorstep delivery service.



Birthdays, anniversaries, children’s day


Cake Tags:

Pastries, Whole wheat pastries, Eggless pastries, Choco Lite pastry, Birthday pastry, Anniversary pastry, Chocolate pastry.

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