This Multigrain Loaf is delicious, nutritious bread made entirely of whole grains. It's made with whole wheat flour and oats and ragi for a great combination of nutrition and flavor. You can either live to eat or eat to live, but it always works best when it's done well. Bread and cakes from Cravoury are nourishing and delectable, providing your body with essential nutrients. Buy bread and cakes online!


Whole wheat flour, ragi, jawar, oats, chana, psyllium husk, maize, oil, brown sugar, salt, yeast, gluten, bread improver, soya

Allergen Information:

Contains gluten.

Storage Information:

 Bread can be consumed for a maximum of two days.

Delivery Details:

 Bread is packed under hygienic conditions. We offer a doorstep delivery service.

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