• The cake stand and cutlery in the image are purely for display reasons. They do not come with the cake.
  • Because each baker has his unique manner of making a cake, the design and frosting of the cake may differ from the image presented.
  • Cake toppers may differ depending on availability.


100% eggless      

Cake Flavour: Chocolate

Type of Cake: Chocolate

Type of Bread: Chocolate

Type of cream: Chocolate mousse Cream

Preparation Time: 1 hour

Toppings: chocolate mousse cream with chocolate spray on top

Layers Filling: Chocolate mousse Cream

Description: Greetings, chocolate connoisseurs! This is the perfect chocolate dessert for you! This chocolate cake, made with fluffy and silky chocolate mousse, will have you hooked from the first bite! Our sponges are completely preservative-free and freshly prepared to provide the finest possible flavour! Surrounded by chocolate twisters, this cake will be an absolute delight to retreat your tastebuds! Visit our page for more eggless cakes online.

Ingredients: Chocolate mousse cream milk products, olive/ rice bran oil , sugar, wheat flour, leavening agents

Allergen Information: Contains milk products and gluten

Storage Information: Twister Chocolate Cake can be consumed for up to three days in refrigeration.

Delivery Details: Twister Chocolate Cake is packed under hygienic conditions. We offer doorstep delivery service. We will provide a knife and candles with the cake, as per availability.

Occasions: Anniversary, valentine’s day, birthday, house warming, retirement, promotion

Cake Tags: Twister Chocolate Cake, Chocolate cakes, Christmas cakes, eggless cakes, Chocolate mousse cakes

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