• The cake stand and cutlery in the image are purely for display reasons. They do not come with the cake.
  • Because each baker has his unique manner of making a cake, the design and frosting of the cake may differ from the image presented.
  • Cake toppers may differ depending on availability.


Highlights of the Cake:


100% eggless

Cake Flavour: Vanilla

Type of Bread: Vegan vanilla

Type of cream: Vegan whipped cream

Preparation Time: 1 hour

Toppings: vegan whipped cream ,butterscotch balls

Layers Filling: vegan whipped cream ,butterscotch balls, butterscotch crush


Dive into a sea of taste and deliciousness with our vegan butterscotch cake that will surely bring a smile on your face with its delectable flavour. We freshly bake this cake in order, with preservative free vanilla sponge, filled with vegan whipped cream, butterscotch balls and crushed. What’s more? The cake is topped with more vegan whipped cream and butterscotch balls for the extra crunch! Do not forget to check out the whole wheat base options before you checkout.



Butterscotch balls, butterscotch crush, vegan whipped cream, , olive/ rice bran oil , sugar, wheat flour, leavening agents        


Allergen Information:

Contains gluten.


Storage Information:

It tastes best when stored in a refrigerator and consumed within 3 days.


Delivery Details:

We will provide a knife and candles with the cake, as per availability.

The cake will be hand-delivered by our delivery boy, well-packed.


Occasions for:

Anniversary, valentines day, birthday, house warming, retirement, promotion


Cake Tags:

Vegan cakes, butterscotch vegan cake, vegan party cakes, vegan cream cakes, butterscotch cakes for vegans


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