100% eggless

Preparation Time: 1 hour



These jeera cookies are an all-time favorite tea companion, and they're prepared with quality ingredients for a great crisp and texture. The right combination of quality ingredients and whole wheat flour is used to make these jeera treats. The jeera imparts a little saltiness to the cookies. It is an all-time favorite snack for people of all ages. You can't get enough of these delicious crunchy jeera cookies in just one bite. For more eggless treats, visit our product page now.



Whole wheat flour, coconut, vanilla essence, milk products. Baking soda, baking powder, salt (preservative-free and Maida free)


Allergen Information:

Contains milk products and gluten


Storage Information:

These Cookies can be consumed for a maximum of five days. Refrigeration is not required.


Delivery Details:

Cookies are packed under hygienic conditions. We offer a doorstep delivery service.


Cookie Tags:

Tea time cookies, Jeera cookies, Whole wheat cookies, Eggless Cookies

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