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Cravoury is a speciality patisserie pure veg store that focuses on Taste, timely delivery, health and the experience of each customer interaction.


Kyraa Healthy Cakes & foods Private Limited
#18, No 171, Ambalipura(V), Bangalore, Karnataka 560102

Cravoury is a wholly owned woman enterprise started in 2014 by Mamta. Each product created at the Cravoury Store undergoes rigorous quality checks with focus on cleanliness, design and experience of the customer. Her BHealthy brand of products comprise of Breads and Tea Time Cakes that are whole wheat. For Chocolates high grade Cocoa is used. Her clients include corporates, as well as loyal customers who vouch for Cravoury products. The Brand Cravoury stands for Trust, Quality, Hygiene and ensuring a pleasant experience and building a long term relationship with the customer. Mamta takes care of custom orders herself. She also advises as per the personalized requirements of the customer. She can be contacted at 8884004800. To ensure we deliver our best, we regularly take feedback from our customers to ensure customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers that have led to improvement in our products. Images to be given by Mamta



  • The vision of CRAVOURY is to reach people far and wide and inform them about the benefits and possibilities of healthier baking.
  • We want people to understand the harmful effects of preservatives used in the food industry, and make them aware that it is always preferable to go for fresh products
  • We want to break the myth that healthy food is not tasty, which has comfortably occupied people’s minds for years, and want to show them that even delicious cakes can be made healthy


  • Create opportunities for individuals interested in baking by providing appropriate training and franchises.
  • To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our customers.
  • To introduce our customers to healthier recipes, without straying from the roots of authentic baking; and not just restricted to cakes and chocolates.


Health is the primary motto of Cravoury. Having said this, most of the cream cakes recipes are wheat-based, although Maida-based cakes are available on demand by the customers. We at Cravoury constantly strive hard to provide an exceptional experience. Every day our in-house bakers transform the fresh ingredients into more than 200 cakes.

A wise man once said, ‘Good Health is True Wealth’, at Cravoury these aren’t just words, but the ingredients we use talk about everything. Even our cream cakes are prepared using whole-wheat flour and are an option we always suggest for our customers. There are a large number of cream cakes and teatime cakes made from ‘Jaggery’ and are consumable even by diabetic patients. And most of the teatime cakes you see contain nuts and fruits, which are healthy and tasty at the same time.

Adding on to our healthy recipes are Carrot cakes, Sugar-free chocolate cakes, and so on. We also offer customized cakes; For instance, Zucchini cake. We bet you've never heard of it before. We all know that butter contains fat, and to make it healthy, we use olive oil/rice bran oil! So, Health Freaks, you are welcome to try our products without worrying about those additional calories. Please note, all our products are 100% Eggless.

Core values of CRAVOURY!

  • Health concerned: The topmost priority is always the health of our customers. We never compromise over this. Our cakes are always prepared with ingredients like wholesome wheat flour, organic jaggery, and we even prepare vegetable-based teatime cakes.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is another top priority for those of us here at Cravoury. We are always open to feedback, and suggestions are welcome. Anything from the customer end we are ever-ready to implement as long as they are healthy and edible.
  • Hygiene: All the products in our kitchen are prepared fresh, only after the orders are placed. There is no preparation-and-store formula in CRAVOURY. Even the ingredients we use are brought every three days. Our bakers are directed to clean the kitchen after every order and the cutleries are sanitized before preparing for the next order.
  • On-time Delivery: We make sure to deliver the products on time, within 3 hours as we require one and a half hours to bake and another half of the time to get it delivered. Doorstep delivery is available through our delivery partners and makes sure our customers enjoy the cakes at the comfort of their homes.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: We believe that preserving our environment is every citizen’s responsibility; Hence, we always pack our products in cardboards that are easily disposable and degradable. Even the knives we provide are made of wood and not plastic. We always try our best to avoid plastic.
  • Cost-effective products: We prefer the happiness of customers over money. We want every individual to enjoy our products as their satisfaction motivates us to move ahead. All the products are priced affordably, as we do not want our customers to step back noticing the price.

We always believe that great food often complements good times and any special occasions with cakes makes it more memorable. Each cake has loads of memories attached to it. We at Cravoury are happy to be a part of your momentous events, be it for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelorette parties, or to surprise your loved ones on occasions like Mother's Day and Valentine’s Day. We are always ready to take your cravings and turn them into our orders.

Our products are just not limited to cakes, we also boast a large range of chocolates as well. Our 45% handmade chocolates contain 45% of cocoa, which has a high percentage of antioxidants and is healthier than standard chocolates, similarly we also have a 70% cocoa range. The cakes we bake contain no preservatives whatsoever and hence should be consumed within four days.

Hygiene and Freshness are the two terms, Food industry cannot be defined without. But, to us, hygiene is the need of the Hour, EVERY HOUR! By that we mean after every order, we make sure to clean the kitchen surfaces and the baking tools. We do not believe in the concept of bake and recycle! Please be ensured that your feast will be prepared only after placing the order and delivered within three hours. The ingredients used are also fresh, as we prefer to buy baking materials once every three days.

Cravoury, as a team, wants to spread the prominence of healthy eating and wishes that the people from every corner of the city taste our wholesome recipes. We want to erase the cliché that Healthy food is not tasty from people's minds. We always want to serve, and so our experimentation of recipes just doesn’t stop at cakes, but we also want our customers to taste healthy savories as well.

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